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The Martians nearly died out as a culture when they developed telepathy. It was jabber, jabber, jabber in the morning and jabber, jabber, jabber in the night. Nobody could sleep and there was never any quiet. They went from being a meditative people, united in peace to a warlike Species willing to fight at the drop of a hat.

Over centuries of sleep deprivation and constant warfare nearly all of the once-proud Martians were slain or driven mad. Then the Martian scientists found a way of focusing their psychic abilities downward into the planet instead of outward into each other. By running their telepathy through the enormous psychic energy created by the planet as a whole (otherwise known as Psi) they could dampen the noise of each others thoughts without reducing their mental abilities. Using their newfound Psychic Focus they quickly regained their mental equilibrium and put their bad times behind them.

What Is Psi?

Psi is a resource produced by the Psi Focus, an industrial building.

It is only used by the Martians.

Almost everything that the Martians build requires Psi.

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