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Within living memory the galaxy has been locked in the titanic throes of war – a war fought for survival, not for conquest. Alliances are fleeting - betrayals commonplace. As a new Dark Age dawns, fragments of once mighty civilizations grasp at the shreds of power that may grant them victory over all.

Species In The Strange Universe

The Strange Universe is populated by a menagerie of strange creatures. Each Species is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Each Species has its own set of Technologies, Workers, Armies, and Warships.

Player Run Species

These are the species available to be played by real, live, human players.
1_100.png Humans
2_100.png Robots
3_100.png Elves
4_100.png Dragons
5_100.png Martians
6_100.png Demons

Computer Run Species

These are the species that are played by Computer AI.
dagon_60.png Merfolk
monocerus_60.png Unicorns
cuddles_60.png Baby Animals
arktos_60.png Rootbears

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