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What Is Research?

Research is how you improve your empire. By applying Research developed in your Technology Labs you can outperform other players.

Researching higher levels of technologies can increase the effectiveness of your weapons, the speed of your ships, the amount of resources you produce, and the potential size of your empire. By researching higher levels of technology you become more powerful and competitive.

What Do I Need For Research?

In order to Research new technologies you first have to build Technology Labs on your planets. Every level of Technology Lab that you build will give you 1 Research Hour every hour. You then trade your Research Hours in order to unlock new technology or update old technology.

If your Planetary Output is below 100% then your labs may make less than 1 Research Hour per level of Technology Lab. You can remedy this by either building more Workers (until you have 1 worker for every building) or researching Efficiency.

Once you have built a Technology Lab then you will begin to accumulate Research Hours.

Where Do I Go To Research New Tech?

In order to spend your Research Hours you select the button in the middle of the toolbar that has a picture of a flask holding a purple liquid. The toolbar looks like this:


This will take you to the Science & Technology screen.

On the Science & Technology screen you can see a summary of the number of Research Hours you are producing per hour and the number you have stockpiled and ready to spend. The summary looks like this.


You will also see a list of the 4 research paths you can choose to spend your Research Hours to develop. The 4 paths will look like this.

Propulsion Level 1 Allows ships to move faster and farther.
Stealth & Detection Level 2 Enables espionage and stealthy ships.
Ship Upgrades Level 6 Enables ships to fight and defend themselves.
Planetary Level 4 Improves defense and productivity of planets.

Research Paths?

Each of the 4 research paths will have a number of technologies that you can Research.


Any technologies that have to do with engine speed (how long it takes to get around Space), and range (how far you can fly) fall under this category.

Stealth & Detection

Technologies that help you to detect enemy Warships and Spies and that help your Warships and Spies remain hidden.

Ship Upgrades

Technologies that help you pimp your ride. Increasing the overall size of your Warships and any Weapons, Shields or Specials that can take your boring old spacecraft and turn it into an ultra-cool object of destruction can be researched here.


All technologies that affect the defense and management of your Planets can be found here. Need stronger Armies? Buildings not producing enough? Not enough space on your Planets? Step inside.

Generic Research

This is a list of technologies that all six Species have in common.

Propulsion Technologies

- Engine Speed
- Ship Range
- Space Corridor

Stealth & Detection Technologies

- Stealth
- Scanners
- Probe

Ship Upgrades

- Ship Hull Size (known by Dragons as Dragon Growth)

Planetary Technologies

- Army Development
- Efficiency
- Government
- Terraforming

Species Specific Research

Every Species has it's own set of unique technologies that they can research and use.

What Does It Cost To Research Higher Levels Of Technology?

To see a list of what higher levels of tech cost go Here.

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