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What Is The Profile Page?

The Profile Page is a page where you can post information and photos about your character. Any Awards that you win while playing The Strange Universe will be visible here.

Other players can view your Profile by clicking on your player name anywhere that it appears.

Changing Your Profile

While logged in to your Strange Universe account go to the Profile Page. Next to your player name will be an underlined link to Edit Profile. Click it.

Changing Your Profile Information

When you click Edit Profile it will take you to an edit page. There will be an input box where you can write any old silliness that you like.

Changing Your Profile Picture

When editing your Profile there are two sections for uploading pictures.

- Your Avatar Picture

The first section for uploading pictures is for uploading a picture to replace the generic profile picture that we provide. It looks like this:
It's a lot of fun to replace this with a picture of your own. This appears everywhere in the game, so people will start to recognize you by this image. It gives your indomitable armada more personality.
The picture can be any size, but it works best if it is square. Don't sweat if you don't know how to resize images, because our program will automatically resize any picture you upload. We'll show you what it looks like in various sizes, so if you don't like it then you can try again with a different image.

- Profile Artwork

The second section for uploading pictures is for uploading a larger picture to display on your Profile Page. It can be as large as 570 X 440 pixels.
Anyone who clicks on your Avatar picture in the game will open up your Profile Page.


Any Awards that you receive in any games in the Strange Universe will be proudly displayed on your Profile Page for all the world to see.

Just think of your Profile page as your Strange Universe trophy case.

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