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What Am I Doing Here?

The Planet Exchanges Page is where you can peacefully give a planet to another player. Or accept a planet that another player is offering to you.

The Rules For Giving Away Planets

1. Thou shalt not give away a planet if doing so will lower thy planet count below the number three. If thine planet count wouldst be two then thou hast gone too far.

2. Thou shalt not give away a planet until thou hast owned it for eight hours. Lo, if the planet hath been owned by thee for longer than eight hours then it shall transfer to the other player instantaneously as soon as that player shall accept it. Lo.

3. Thou shalt not accept a planet being offered, if accepting it would put thine government limit to duress.

Commentary To The Rules

It has come to our attention that the rules, as set down by King James in 1623, are a trifle outdated in their language. Here is a more modern translation for our modern times.
1. You can't give away your last 3 planets.
2. You can't give away a planet until you've owned it for 8 hours.
3. You have to have free Government to accept a planet.

Addendum To The Commentary

It has come to our attention that the commentary, as written in 1963, is unflattering to the fair ears of our pirate brethren. As such, here is a more modern translation of the modern translation for the common man.
1. Arrr Matey. There be truth that ye need ta keep yer swag close. Don't go givin away yer stash ta no man, be he ever so persuasive and kind. Arrr.
2. There be dirty scallawags in this world who'll sell ya yer own wooden leg. There be others who'll steal the leg from unders. Don't let it go till ye've stumped a few times your own self! A man without a leg ain't no kind o man at all.
3. When yer buyin don't forget to be payin thar, me boyo. Else I'll line me boot with yer innards and gravy me salt tack with yer little boy tears.
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