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Almost all adult humans engage in some profession. This typically involves performing some action, denoted work, in exchange for some compensation, typically money. Those who provide the compensation normally define what type of action, or work, is to be performed.

Due to a number of social conventions, work is mostly performed within the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a break for lunch sometime in the middle. The specific details vary. During this time, the social conventions imply that the employer (person or group providing compensation) commands the undivided attention of the employee (person who performs work). As a result, diversions such as web surfing, or browser games provoke anger from the employer. If repeated, this can strain and even end the employee-employer relationship, ultimately leading to a loss of compensation.

For this reason, the developers of Tales From The Strange Universe do not recommend playing the game while you are at work.

For younger players, the term "job" is typically reinterpreted to mean "school". As such, the developers of Tales From The Strange Universe do not recommend shirking tasks like attending class, doing homework, studying, and the like.

Tales From The Strange Universe is designed to be playable in short time segments, such as while you are on a coffee/cigarette/lunch break or other recess. Game time moves slowly enough that you should be able to get other stuff done while waiting for your research, resources, or fleet movement.

The official policy of Tales From The Strange Universe is not to endorse any particular occupation at the expense of others (including, but not limited to: jobs, careers, education, military service, truancy, panhandling, public office, operating ponzi schemes, organized crime, developing computer games). However, we would like to see everyone devote sufficient time to their profession of choice so that they are able to meet with success.

Most importantly, if you do get fired, flunk out, lose the election, go out of business or meet with catastrophe due to negligence, please remember that it is not our fault. Specifically, do not complain to anyone's mother that his game cost you your dreams. We get enough of that nonsense already.

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