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The Strange Universe has no Galactic Clerk's Office or Association of Realtors, or Zoning Commission, or Office of Galactic and Urban Development.

To take control of a planet away from another player your only choice is to send Armies from one of your Planets to attack and conquer it.


What You Need


You have to have Armies to fight with to invade another players Planet. You should send as strong an attacking force as you can because any Armies that they have on the Planet will fight against you as well as any Workers. The defenders will also receive a defense bonus from any Fortresses they own on the Planet. You can make your armies stronger by researching higher levels of Army Development.
You can only send your own armies to invade. Your armies could start from your own planet or a planet owned by an ally, but you can not attack with someone else's armies.


Your armies travel in unarmed transports, so it is wise to protect them. Warships from other empires can destroy your armies before they land on the planet. If you have ships blockading the planet when the armies arrive, then they will land safely. Your ships can precede the armies by hours or by seconds and they will still protect them.

Defending Fleets or Blockades Destroy Your Armies!

If warships belonging to another empire are orbiting your target when your armies arrive, those enemy ships will destroy your armies. It doesn't matter if the orbiting fleet belongs to the planet owner or not. The enemy of your enemy is also your enemy.

Cloaked Pirates Destroy Your Armies!

If cloaked enemy warships are orbiting your planet when you send your armies out, those ships will kill your armies as soon as they launch. Protect your armies by keeping one of your non-cloaked ships in orbit where you are launching.
If an enemy has a cloaked ship at your target when your armies arrive, then they will destroy your armies. You can prevent this by having one of your (non-cloaked) ships in orbit when the armies arrive.
Your cloaked ships will not protect your armies against any enemy ships.


When invading an enemy planet you will only capture Resources if:

  • The player has a Ranking score higher than 200 points.
  • The player is higher than you in the ranking.
  • It is the players last planet in the star system.

When a player's planet is conquered the resources on it will automatically be moved to the next planet in the same star system (also owned by the same player). So you have to take all of a player's planets at a star to capture their resources.

You will capture any workers and building that are on the planet regardless of ranking position or number of planets left to that player.

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