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Many Hatchlings have been slain since the Dragons began sending them to scout enemy planets. The Dragons seem not to mind the senseless slaughter however. They continue to send their young on these dangerous or even suicidal missions, sometimes only minutes out of the egg.
Research conducted by the Martian Society of Anthropological Studies hints that the Dragons view their young as the reincarnation of their ancestors. Losing a Hatchling is not seen as the loss of a Dragon, but only of the physical body which carries it. Once the ghost is freed from the body it is said to watch over its family for a time before leaving the physical universe.
There have been reports of Hatchling Dragons hunting in packs. While individual hatchlings are too small and too weak to threaten an armed warship, a dozen or more can be very dangerous. No research has been done on this pack hunting behavior, although theories liken them to terrestrial wolves. Any fleets traveling near known Dragon hunting grounds are advised to proceed with extreme caution.


What Is A Hatchling?

The Hatchling is the smallest Warship for the Dragons.

Due to their VERY small stature they are both cheap to produce and cheap to support.


  • The Hatchling is faster than fast. It is the fastest Dragon warship.
  • Hatchlings are so tiny that they only have the basic Ship Attack and Hull. It cannot hold any extra weapons, shields, or specials.
  • Because of their low cost and support they make excellent spies when you get them killed. Only after you research Ghost of the Fallen though.


  • You need a Shipyard Level 1 on the star you want to build the Hatchling on.
  • The Hatchling requires 1 Warship Support. If you are over your support limit then the Hatchling will cost more to build.

Cost To Build

  • A Hatchling will cost the following resources:
Food Iron Cavorite Gold Time
food_40.png iron_40.png cavorite_40.png gold_40.png time_40.png
200 400 400 400 0:20:00

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