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For a guide through the first 2 days of the game see our Step By Step Tutorial.


The Goal Of The Game

Every player gains points for owning planets and buildings. The longer you hold them the better. The more you own the better. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. From the Ranking Page you can see a list of how your score stacks up to everyone else.

It may ruin your Sleep patterns, absorb your every waking thought and conflict with your Job but at least it is fun. Actually, all of this is secondary to the real goal of talking, planning, threatening, laughing, and generally mixing it up with both Your Friends and total Strangers in the Strange Universe.

Don't Panic

You Are Invisible

Other players won't be able to see or attack you when you first start. Likewise, you can't see or attack them. This ends when 48 hours has passed.
This allows you to take some time and learn how to play before people start coming for you. See Secret Location for more.

The Strange Universe Runs In Real Time

A game in the Strange Universe typically plays for three weeks or more and every action takes time to complete. Space ships take time to fly from star to star. Buildings take time to produce more resources. Armies take time to train.
These things happen whether you are logged in or not. Give your empire its orders and then go about your regular life while they are being carried out. Come back later to find out who won the the battles. Pat yourself on the back (or sob uncontrollably), and give more orders. Then you can log out and enjoy the sun and the feel of wind on your face. Take care of basic tasks like feeding yourself and hugging your loved ones.

Winning The Game


Build up your Industry until you can afford to build warships and armies. Then you are ready to fight. Go take over someone else's planets.
Buildings produce resources. Resources are spent to build warships, armies, and more buildings. They are also used to improve your technology.
When you take another player's planet you get all the buildings that they have built. Build up the Industry on your new planet until you can afford to build warships and armies. Rinse and repeat.
IMPORTANT:It is always better to take other peoples buildings instead of building your own.
Owning more planets (especially planets with lots of buildings) is the only way to win. Be careful not to overextend yourself though. Every planet that you conquer will add to your Bounty which will give other players incentive to try to take them away from you. Make sure you can keep what you take.

Research Technology

Build as many Technology Labs as you can afford. Technology Labs make Research Hours, and you need these to Research new Technology.
Technology makes everything better. It lets you build bigger warships with better weapons and shields. It improves your government so you can own more planets. It makes your buildings produce more resources.

Develop A Military

You need Armies for ground combat on planets.
You need Warships for space combat at stars.
You won't be able to really throw your weight around in a satisfying manner until you develop your military. It is never a mistake to build more armies and/or warships. Sure you can bluff your way along for awhile, but sooner or later some impudent upstart is going to throw down on you hard if you aren't prepared.

- Build Armies

Armies will protect your planet from invasion by other players. They can also be used to invade the hated enemy's planets. Or even the planets of your gentle rivals.

- Build Warships

Warships are used to protect your star systems and destroy enemy fleets. They are your first line of defense and offense.
Other players cannot attack your planets until they have destroyed any warships that are protecting your star.
Likewise you will need a fleet of warships in order to Blockade and later Invade other players Star Systems.

Throw Your Weight Around

May none stand before your might! Scatter their fleets, humiliate their armies, and take their planets in your iron fist! Play! Have fun!

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