Captain Perilous' Information for All Players

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To all Players, especially new players:

This is a build and conquer game.

And we do mean conquer.

We created this game in large part because we weren't happy with any other game available to play.

One of our major complaints was that other games made game play far too safe. Impossible to be taken out. Impossible to conquer others.

We believe that to have strategic competition you have to have strategic repercussions.

The result is that new players and veterans and The Developers get conquered. Everyone. A basic fact of TFTSU is that you will be conquered. It is business, not personal.

Some galaxies you survive and other players die. Some galaxies you get the short end of that stick.

It wouldn't be fun otherwise.

Thank you for playing TFTSU. We hope you will enjoy the game, and that you will come back to play again.

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