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Individual Trophies

The top 5 winners of each galaxy will receive a trophy to display on their Player Profile.

1st_place.gif 2nd_place.gif 3rd_place.gif
First Place Second Place Third Place
4th_place.gif 5th_place.gif
Fourth Place Fifth Place

Team Trophies

Some games we have randomly assigned teams. Each member of the winning team for each galaxy will receive a trophy to display on their Player Profile.

Team Victory

Awards and Medals

The awards and medals you win during the galaxies you play in will decorate your Profile for all to see.

Squeaky Wheel Early Adopter Perseverance
squeeky_wheel.gif early_adopter.gif gorilla.jpg
Ambition Royal Ambition Arms Race
ambition.gif royal_ambition.gif arms_race.gif
Super Size Ship
Conspicuous Consumption Vandalism
conspicuous_consumption.gif vandalism.gif


Some people insist on more of a good thing. Therefore, awards can be won multiple times. Earning an award a second time gets you a star. Earning it a third time gets you a second star. Earning it another time gets you another star.

So you've got the idea.

There are 4 pointed stars, six pointed stars, wheels, and eight pointed stars.

To count up how many of a medal have been earned, add this way:

the medal..................+ 1

each 4 point star.......+ 1

each 6 point star........+ 5

each wheel...............+10

each 8 point star.......+20

Or just put the mouse over the stars, and a little box will pop up with the award count.

NOTE: each award has a date written above it. That is the date of the most recent award.

Kickstarter Donors

If a player donated to our Kickstarter campaign then they'll have a Unique Kickstarter Badge on their profile. Bow to them in their splendor!

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