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What Are Armies?

Armies are used for attacking and defending planets. Warships are used for attacking and defending stars.

Every Species has 3 army types that they can build.

Each type requires that you Research the technology Army Development and build a Fortress to unlock it. Researching the technology unlocks it for your entire empire but you must build a Fortress of the required level on every planet that you wish to produce your armies on.

Each army unit that you produce will require Support from your empire. If you build more armies than you can support then the cost of building new armies will increase. You can raise your support limit by building more Fortresses.

Army Combat

The number one rule in army combat is to always show up with overwhelming force. Try to keep your armies grouped together - they fight best in packs.

When Defending A Planet

  • Every level of Fortress on the planet adds 5% to the defenders total defense score.
  • Every level of Army Development technology that you research will add 5% to the Army units (not workers) defense score.
  • Workers (except for slaves) will fight for the defender. Each worker has a defense score of 1.

When Attacking A Planet

  • Read more about planetary Invasion.
  • Every level of Army Development technology that you research will add 5% to the Army units (not workers) offense score.
  • Slave Workers will fight for the attacker. Each worker has an offense score of .5.

Types Of Army Units

See Army Support, Fortress, and Army Development for more information.


Requirements: Fortress level 1
Support: 1
Strength: cheap to build, good at defense and offense
  • Defense Score: 8
  • Offense Score: 8

Assault Troops

Requirements: Fortress level 4, Army Development level 3
Support: 2
Strength: moderately expensive, great at defense and offense
  • Defense Score: 20
  • Offense Score: 20

Elite Troops

Requirements: Fortress level 8, Army Development level 6
Support: 3
Strength: expensive, excellent at offense and defense.
  • Defense Score: 42
  • Offense Score: 42

Armies By Species

Infantry Assault Troop Elite Troop
Humans human_infantry2_big.gif Commando human_tank2_big.gif Tank human_mech2_big.gif Mech
Martians martian_infantry2_big.gif Psion martian_thoat_big.gif Thoat Rider martian_tripod_big.gif Tripod
Elves elven_swordsman2_big.gif Swordsman elven_wizard_big.gif Wizard elven_elephant2_big.gif War Elephant
Dragons dragon_wyvern2_big.gif Wyvern dragon_serpent_big.gif Serpent dragon_wyrm_big.gif Great Wyrm
Robots robot_infantry2_big.gif Crusader robot_harvester_big.gif Harvester robot_spider_big.gif Spider
Demons demon_twistedbeast_big.gif Twisted Beast demon_hobgoblin2_big.gif Hobgoblin demon_monstrosity_big.gif Monstrosity

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